Professional and intercultural coaching dedicated to foreigners living in France

Understand to overstand

Dedicated to your successful
long-term settlement

You feel lost in translation, you strive for a long-lasting and flourishing settlement. You may feel left alone to manage all the changes: change of country, change of language, change of environment and relations.

You have legitimated though numerous doubts: I reach out a helping hand to answer them together.

Your life project in France deserves the personalized and efficient support of a Professional and Intercultural Coaching. It’s a genuine way to support your investment and secure your path whatever your stage of settlement in France.

Regardless of your origin and level of French, Professional and Intercultural Coaching places you at the center of your actions and project to become autonomous and in charge.

Long-lasting settlement services

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Personal support to foreigners living in France

Understand to overstand: Lean on your present and invest for your future with a professional and intercultural coaching

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Language support

Understand to overstand, place yourself in the core and develop the language skills required to achieve your objective.

Deep dive into your personal and cultural resources

Dare without risks

Expand your life project

Get into the language in a genuine way

My belief

Since the 90’s, professional coaching proved its efficiency with business and athletes’ performance.

I’m engaged in promoting its seriousness and benefit for all.

Each of us have the right to set ambitious targets in our lives, whatever our culture or language level. As a committed Professional coach, I strongly believe in the ability of each person to reach meaningful targets whilst mobilizing unexplored resources.

Florence Pauwels

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