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Dive into your competences in French in an innovative way

Activité collective 2

To serve your meaningful objective

Select a pragmatic goal and let’s develop your self-confidence, your ability to communicate and get into the relation, date to be yourself for what counts most.

Place yourself behind the wheel and develop language hard skills required to achieve your goal.

Testimonies - Their take-aways

Sandrine Kasyc
Sandrine Kasyc
French As a Foreign Language trainer, at Langues Plurielles
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The strengths of Florence's intervention are:
- The establishment of a trusting environment, encouragement of oral (expression, graphic) of one's emotional state, needs and expectations,
- Encouragement of self-assessment (diagnostic, formative), offer of adapted tools, creation of relevant supports,
- Great availability, great capacity to listen to the public,
- Great benevolence and listening, a reassuring posture with kindness,
- The relevance of the analysis of the situation and the proposed project.

(translated from French)