Customized support for a sustainable long-term settlement in France

Lean on your present and invest for your future
with a Professional and Intercultural Coaching


What is a Professional and Intercultural Coaching?

It’s a binding contract for both parties: you know what to expect, we are both committed. Starting and ending dates are fixed. The right fare for both is determined. Discussion context is validated to guarantee ethics and professionalism.

It is respectful of who you are, with your strengths and challenges, beliefs and requirements.

It is the assurance to progress. As far as you can. Not beyond.

Professional and Intercultural coaching is also about creativity, opening up to a new reading of your environment and the person you are. Through exercices, questioning, and inter-session work, it is about allowing yourself to change towards a better version of yourself.

Professional and Intercultural Coaching in 5 steps


During a first meeting, we get to know each other, you describe your situation and your expectations. I explain how to understand professional coaching and how it involves both of us. We organize and sign your coaching contract together.


We take the necessary time to go through your personal and cultural reality. Through coaching methods, you gain a new understanding of the person you are, here and now.


On this new basis, it is time to define your objective, to project yourself towards what deeply matters.


This step provides the opportunity to give you all chances to reach your meaningful target.


Our shared path ends with the drafting of a concrete, realistic yet ambitious and dated action plan. This will make you autonomous towards the achievement of your goal.

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The essence of my service

Adapted to your situation and language level

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I provide

My professionnalism
My active listening skills
My experience of international mobilities
Efficient tools (MBTI, COF, La Box Ikigai®)
To be next to you and your needs with respect, rigor and creativity

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Your take-aways, with methodology and efficient tools:

A new light on your situation
A concrete, realistic yet ambitious target
All chances to reach your target

Testimonies - Their take-aways

Koulilk Soulaiman
Koulilk SoulaimanLocalized since 2013
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Coaching changed many things: today I'm able to set a goal and feel the gaps. Sometimes it's difficult. I finally had someone to help me understand my values, my life with confidence, to open-up.

It was the first time I went through a coaching process, that was motivating. I invested all my energy for my life and for what counts to me in general.

Thanks to coaching, I gained self-confidence. I know that in life, I can undertake everything. With coaching, I move stronger, with more energy, I can't stop, I'm at the centre of my life.

I appreciated many things in coaching and discovered my strengths. My coaching diary reminds me all I've discovered along the way. I refer to it regularly to go on my path.

Coaching gave me the chance to regain confidence and self-respect in everything I do. It allowed me to see that I have options. With Florence, I felt understood, in order to understand myself. I found a smile.

In life, I do many things. Sometimes, I don't know where to start or do everything at once. The coaching helped me to put order, priorities, strategies in time. I know when I start, when I finish and why I do it.

(translated from French)
Juliana Alves
Juliana Alves
Localized in France since 2020
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Florence is a nice, friendly, and calm person. The meetings were always of high quality. It helped me to see that it will work, that it is possible to reach the goal. The whole technique is applied in a simple way so it is very easy to understand and to use for life, even after the coaching is over.

The coaching allowed me to have self-confidence, to feel well in France, and to take actions.

I think it's important for everyone to know that it's not just for the professional field. That it can help with many issues in life. That your method can be online or face to face and that it is customized to the needs of each individual.

I recommend coaching for people who have a life problem that they need to solve and cannot find the solution on their own. Because coaching helps to be able to see the problem in a different way and to break it down into smaller parts to find ways to reach the solution.

(translated from French)
Emmanuelle Passetemps
Emmanuelle Passetemps
Localized in France
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I strongly recommend Florence's coaching services. She is a committed, challenging and result oriented coach. There is a before and after this work together, I came out stronger and richer, a bit puzzled too. Florence was there to accompany me with method, good care and emotional intelligence along the best possible path.

I discovered how to analyze and name my values and my needs. I became the conductor of all my abilities to serve my wellbeing without going beyond my possibilities.

Florence allows you to dare to dream and act accordingly, at all ages.

With Florence next to me, I felt precious and full of value.

Thanks Florence for this regained confidence, for your generosity, your involvement and understanding of my emotions, my fears and my desires. Thank you for ligthing a beautiful garland of hope, shedding a new light on my resources.

With coaching, I made progress with my self-confidence, my personal and professional life balance, my self-knowledge, and a better satisfaction of my desires.

I recommend this process to someone feeling burnt-out at work as it was my case and it helped a lot.

(Translated from French)
Paul Calleri
Paul Calleri
Localized in France
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I was curious and experienced some blocages.

I immediately felt at ease with you, your natural benevolence, helped me to open up over our sessions.

With coaching, I gained better self-confidence, interpersonal relations, competence development, self-knowledge, ability to step back regarding certain things.

People may have a preconceived notion about coaching, when the coach is just helping us ask the right questions. I think it's a very rewarding experience that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.

I recommend coaching to anyone who may be experiencing discomfort in their personal or professional life. Thanks to Florence, I was able to define my goals and overcome my issues; I will always be grateful to her and the efforts we made together. I highly recommend coaching with Florence.

(Translated from French)
Jordan Brouillard
Jordan Brouillard
Localized in France
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Coaching is about self-awareness and action. I was motivated to engage in coaching to boost my motivation and remove the obstacles.

Your life experience reinforced my desire to engage in coaching with you. It allowed me to progress in my interpersonal relationships, my communication skills, and my self-knowledge.

I believe that people should know that coaching is a co-partnership and with Florence, it is professional, qualitative, and effective.

(Translated from French)