Let's introduce ourselves

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My belief

More than ever, humanity needs mutual assistance, solidarity and creativity to face the many challenges that lie ahead.

As a citizen of the world, I want to do my part.

It is important to me to promote the strength of our cultural varieties, social ties, quality and time in relationships.

I am said to be a committed and professional, a caring and solution-oriented person. As a French, I wish to extend my welcoming hand to anyone who wants to feel at home here.

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My professional and life experience

Over 30 years, I worked with international teams and facilitated cross-cultural communication. I know:

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My skills and competences

Bilingual in French and German since childhood, I have worked for more than thirty years in multinationals in France and abroad. I supported HR teams across the world, facilitated cross-cultural communication. Last, I was leading Permanent International Mobility. Hence, I know about the related administrative, logistical and human constraints. Over the years, I have seen the growing need for qualitative human support facilitating personal, cultural, emotional and social development, and the need to take time in an increasingly fast-paced and process-oriented environment.

I am known for my client orientation and my ability to find customized solutions.
As a certified Professional Intercultural Coach and Adult Professional Trainer, I bring an innovative approach to language learning and integration based on self-understanding, under the motto “Se comprendre pour apprendre” .
My strong listening and observation skills are an asset to provide a collaborative development of a personalized, innovative and respectful solution, one that will support integration in France and language learning in the long term.

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My Flash CV

Initial education: translation

French, English, German, Spanish

Countries of residency

France, Austria, Germany, UK, Spain

30 years exprience in

supporting international teams across the world, mainly in HR and as Permanent International Mobility lead.

Profesionnal coach

Certified level 6 RNCP
Cultural Orientation Framework by Philippe Rozinski MCC ICF

Professional Trainer

Professional certification "Formateur Professionnel d’Adultes" RNCP level 5"

Main interest and professional development topics

French as a Foreign Language, interculturality (member of Sietar France), coaching, training, immigration...


French Red Cross - social care

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My code of ethics

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Professional coaching is defined as an ongoing relationship over a defined period of time, which allows the beneficiary to obtain concrete and measurable results in his/her life...